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Edge City Connect is....

Edge City Connect is reliable, dedicated Internet Access, delivered by satellite and wireless, available wherever and whenever you need it.

24x7 Global Solution
Edge City Connect delivers broadband-speed Internet connections for rock-solid web surfing, downloads, VoIP calling, videoconference, secure VPNs and real-time apps. This is not dial-up or slow, congested VSAT shared with multiple others, this is dedicated Broadband delivered direct to your remote location.

Edge City Connect delivers
Dedicated Broadband Internet Access 24/7 Global Service - Supports All Internet Applications - Reliable Connections To Remote & Unconnected locations - Affordable Package options for individuals, groups, corporations, or city-wide - Multiple bandwidth service options - Rapid Activation and Low Cost CPE - Services Tailored to your Requirements - Backed by a Fully Managed Network

Connecting the Edge
Staying connected is critical, whatever your mission or business. No matter where you are, Edge City Networks will rapidly provide secure, dependable, fast Internet connectivity to your site. Every connection is backed by a fully-managed end-to-end satellite and wireless network - perfect for both permanent installations, short-term mission deployments, and international locations. User access to the connection may be managed in a variety of ways to secure or pay for services.

Every Connection Counts
Our world-class team of Industry Pioneers has built and operated satellite connections globally for hundreds of customers. We understand your mission-critical connectivity needs. We bring that experience to every customer and every connection.

War Zones
Our speciality is operating Hotspot Internet Access systems for bases, troops and contractors in the war-zones of Iraq and Afghanistan. Operational since the beginning of OIF and OEF, we have a great deal of experience and expertise in provisioning fast, affordable and reliable internet access for the IZ, FOBs, COBs, ABs and Iraqi and Afghan Cities alike, supporting tens of thousands of troops and civilians.

Contact us today at info@edgecitynetworks.com so we can customize a package to deliver Edge City Connect to your location.